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Tours are listed below. Tours are subject to change based on the use of the birth suite. We will contact you in the event we need to reschedule your tour for a later date.

Available Dates

June 7th @ 6pm

June 14th @ 6pm

June 18th @ 5pm

June 24th @ 3pm

July 9th @ 5pm

July 23rd @ 5pm

July 30th @ 5pm

Know Your Options

Many families are looking for alternative out of hospital birthing centers for a much more enjoyable experience during pregnancy, and childbirth. You owe it to yourself to take an hour to tour the birth center and speak to the staff. Tours are scheduled multiple times a month at alternating times of the day to help accommodate most families’ schedules. Check the calendar to reserve a space. ALL tours are by reservation only. No walk ins are permitted.

Some helpful information:

We are not open to the public, this facility is for families who have privately contracted Midwifery care with the onsite Midwives. We provide expert prenatal care for low-risk pregnancy, and childbirth. No OB/GYN has privileges at this facility. We prefer to start care with our clients between 6-10 weeks and no later than 28 weeks.  if you are further in your pregnancy and would like to “know your options” then please feel free to contact us ASAP. We are willing to make exceptions for those who are committed to a natural birth experience.

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