Clinic Program

The AVBC Clinic Program allows for families to take greater control over their care and finances.

Clinic maternity care is a new alternative for those seeking a minimized and cost-effective option. You still get the maternity care you need, but without all the extras of a private care program. This reduces the cost for you and puts control in your hands.

What is the Antelope Valley Birth Center (AVBC) Clinic Program?

The AVBC is now offering comprehensive and complete maternity care in a cost effective group setting!

The Clinic Program includes group prenatal discussions & private one-on-one time with your midwife. This puts you in control of your health care while still giving you the guidance and care you need.

Each Clinic Program client will have a private initial visit with their midwife at the beginning of their care, followed by a minimum of 8 group prenatal visits. Group prenatal visits include a 60-minute group discussion with up to 4 clients (partners are welcome!) and a 15-minute private evaluation with the midwife.

Discussions will cover important maternity care topics such as nutrition, labor, care decisions & more; while being guided by group questions and needs. The private midwifery evaluations include standard prenatal care monitoring and wellness checks for both the mother and baby.

How it all works:

Schedules, Fees, & Care

Your care schedule begins with the initial visit when you enter AVBC Midwifery Care. This visit typically lasts 2 hours and is one on-one time with your midwife.

Initial visit: $250

There is a minimum of 8 required prenatal visits to attend during your pregnancy. You can choose the care schedule that works best for you within the care outline offered at your Clinic location, putting you in control of your healthcare!

Prenatal visit: $40 each

Your labor and birth will be attended by your midwife and her assistant at the Antelope Valley Birth Center.

Birth package: $2600, due by 36 weeks’ gestation.

This fee includes your postpartum care which begin with a home visit 24 to 48 hours after the birth of your baby. You’ll then have 3 private postpartum office visits scheduled until 6 weeks after the birth.  


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