Why should I take

A childbirth class?

Benefits of an out-of-hospital class at the AV Birth Center…

No Restrictions

Childbirth instructors who do not teach at a hospital are not restricted by hospital policy in regards to what they teach.  Which means you get a more informative class and are presented with more options that you may have expected.

Evidence Based

Lamaze practices are based on the best medical evidence available, and are designed to promote a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth.

Improve Childbirth Understanding

The best start for mothers and babies is a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth, based on current evidence.  Lamaze can help you achieve this – and help you feel confident about giving birth – by serving as a resource for information about what to expect and the best options available during the childbirth process.

Simplify Birth

Childbirth can be demanding on your body and mind, but Lamaze can help simplify the process with a natural approach.  It can alleviate your fears and help you manage pain – all with the goal of a safe and healthy birth, based on current evidence.

Work as a Team

You, your family, your provider and your Lamaze educator each have an important role in the process of pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting.  All of you are a community that works together to help you and your baby achieve a safe and healthy outcome.

Use a Proven Approach

Millions of pregnant women have taken Lamaze classes over the years. Lamaze is based on principles that are just as relevant today as they always have been.

Still more reasons to choose childbirth classes at the AV Birth Center


Your Birth Lamaze classes are four weeks and are held right here at the birth center.  Get comfortable learning about the birth process in a safe and relaxing environment.


Childbirth classes at the Antelope Valley Birth Center are very competitive when compared to the prices of other classes, including those held at the hospital.  And Your Birth can accept payment from your HSA or personal credit & debit card.

Experienced and Certified

Childbirth classes at the AV Birth Center are taught by certified instructors with decades of experience.

Continuous Labor Support:

  • Took Lamaze class 94%
  • Took class other than Lamaze 89%
  • Took no childbirth class 91%

Walking, moving, and changing positions:


Took Lamaze class:


Took class other than Lamaze


Took no childbirth class

Keep mother and baby together:

  • Took Lamaze class 73%
  • Took class other than Lamaze 69%
  • Took no childbirth class 60%

Upright and spontaneous pushing:

  • Took Lamaze class 56%
  • Took class other than Lamaze 48%
  • Took no childbirth class 43%

Group and Private Classes Available

Group Classes


Per couple


Four week classes


Full 12 hours of instruction

Private Classes


Per couple


Four or six week classes


Full 12 hours of instruction


Tailored to your schedule

Contact Heather

Why Your Birth?

Heather’s out of hospital class and hands-on approach includes techniques you won’t learn anywhere else including peanut ball, rebozo, TENS units, Spinning Babies, and more.  She has over 15 years of experience in educating women including personal doula clients and Red Cross Healthy Pregnancy classes for the men and women of our armed forces.

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